Rae Witvoet and Klaas Weert

Rae Witvoet and Klaas Weert lived and worked together for 12 years in the middle of America, creating an oeuvre in diverse media and subject matter. Witvoet is a painter with degrees in psychology and art therapy. Weert is a photographer with a background in art history.
After 9/11 it became more difficult to exhibit their socially conscious and political work and in 2002 they moved to Amsterdam. Weert returned to his native country, Witvoet became an ex-patriate.

Art in Amsterdam 2002 – present

Since their arrival in the Netherlands, the artists have exhibited in various exhibition spaces and galleries in Amsterdam.

“Narcissus Revisited” (May / June 2003) was the title of their “Art in America” retrospective exhibit in the 13 large window display boxes of the ABNAMRO bank at the Rembrandtplein.
In the Fall of 2003, Weert + Witvoet were the first selected artists to use “De Vrijplaats”, a new gallery/open-studio space in the center of Amsterdam. Here they presented “Neo Neo Conceptual Pop”, a new way to describe their own work.

In 2004, Weert + Witvoet started working in their large studio in Amsterdam North, where they organized a first exhibition, “Liberation Day”, in which the artists exhibited installations, photo-based works, paintings, video and sculpture, all concerning freedom and propaganda.

In 2005 they exhibited twice in the Pulitzer Art Gallery in Amsterdam, with imagery related to Amsterdam itself.

This Summer (2006), Weert + Witvoet were selected as artists by the Pakhuis 6 Gallery, Rotterdam to photograph and paint the musicians of the North Sea Jazz Festival, including Buddy Guy, Herbie Hancock, James Carter, Marcus Miller and Erykah Badu.

The Friesland Project documents a trip in which Weert + Witvoet explored their Frisian Roots.

In September 2006, Witvoet participated in a group exhibition of international women artists in a new space, Locus 010, in the heart of Rotterdam. The exhibition was called “A Visual Discourse in Post Feminist Imagery”.


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